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I am poor to the point that I can't focus in class.


Warning...I know KARATE.......And couple of other oriental words.


I used to be a nonbeliever,  unique whatsapp status But then I understood i'm God.


Never look while eating a banana.


Achievement resembles being pregnant everyone compliments you, But no one knows how often you got screwed to arrive.


I am not virgin, My life screws me ordinary.


Nothing is over until you quit attempting.


Individual you adore is 72.8% water.


I converse with myself since I like managing a superior class of individuals.


Individuals state, you can't survive without love...I think oxygen is progressively significant.


80% of young men have lady friends.. Rest 20% are having mind.


When everything comes your direction.. At that point you are on the incorrect way.


she's so phony, on the off chance that you look behind her neck. I wager it says "Made in china".


I drink to make other individuals fascinating.


On the off chance that at first, you don't succeed..Keep flushing.


Spare water drink lager.


Virginity isn't poise, It is simply absence of chance.


Not all men are tricks, Some stay lone wolf.


Try not to kiss behind the nursery, Love is visually impaired however the neighbors are definitely not.


His story is History, My Story is Mystery.


Telephones are superior to lady friends, At least we can turn off.


Grin today, tomorrow could be more awful.


The contrast among ineptitude and virtuoso is that virtuoso has its breaking points.


In the event that you don't prevail at first, conceal all proof that you attempted.


Quit stressing over the world completion today. It's now tomorrow in Australia.


PDAs nowadays continue getting more slender and more astute... individuals the inverse.


Diet rule #1: If no one sees you eating it, it doesn't contain any calories.


I adore my activity just when I'm in the midst of a furlough


Companions go back and forth, yet foes remain and develop.


Never test how profound the water is with the two feet.


The more extravagant you get, the more costly bliss moves toward becoming.


Parachute available to be purchased, utilized once, never opened!!


My significant other dresses to execute. She cooks a similar way.


FREE PUPPIES: Half cocker spaniel, half slippery neighbors hound.


Behind each effective man is an astounded lady.


In my home I'm the manager, my better half is only the chief.


I'm not on the web, it's only an optical figment.


That is the key to life... supplant one stress with another.


On the off chance that there is a "WILL", there are 500 relatives.


How is a poor man a great deal like a rich man? The two of them have an iPhone.


A few people call me Mike, you can call me today around evening time.


At the point when motivation does not come to me, I go most of the way to meet it.


Whatever it is - I didn't do it!


Here and there you succeed.... what's more, different occasions you learn.


There are three sides to a contention - your side, my side and the correct side.


At the point when there's a will, I need to be in it.


Disappointment isn't an alternative - it comes packaged with Windows.


I generally dream of being a mogul like my uncle!... He's envisioning as well.


I accept there ought to be a superior method to begin every day... rather than getting up each morning.


When I was seized, my folks snapped energetically. They leased my room.


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